WoodsDoc is a community cinema, where we show documentaries that matter and deserve our attention.  

It is a cinema that brings people together through sharing documentaries and issues that determine our world today.

If possible we invite the filmmakers in person or via Skype for Q&A's and on occasion we invite experts to host a screening as well.

WoodsDoc is a nomadic cinema, traveling to places that are open to collaboration.

We have no fixed place and are always happy to have a temporary home offered by partners who love what we do. Our know-how travels with us, as does our huge network.


WoodsDoc is curator of film screenings, exhibitions, live listening events, workshops, debates and much more.

We love to find partners who want to jump on the bandwagon.

Inspired? Do let us know: we'll gladly grab a coffee with you! 



WoodsDoc loves to collaborate.


We are always looking for sparring partners who love documentaries as much as we do. WoodsDoc believes in sustainable partnerships. The team has built up a broad network and is keen on bringing the right people around the table. Filmmakers, artists, writers, journalists, policy makers, important voices in various debates... Our address book is full of interesting and passionate people and organizations.


Inspired? Questions? Let us know, drop us a line!


Abbie Boutkabout
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Writer, podcaster, also works as a freelance project manager and communications specialist for artists.


Kristof Bilsen
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Director, co-producer, member of Kitchen Sink Collective, also teaches documentary.